Conditions of providing extended warranty for Biomag devices.

1) I hereby confirm that disclosed information may be used under the provision that no information identifying my person is shared in satisfaction statistics and to promote Biomag devices in publicly available materials. Only some of the information disclosed in “Your Details (step 1/3)“ may be published. These include your first name, surname, town of residence, healthcare provider, type of device, device serial number and a brief description of the existing usage of Biomag devices. Neither your email, nor your phone number, street name or house number shall be published. All information disclosed in “Medical Device Effectivity (step 2/3)“ may be published along with “Medical Device Quality (3/3)“ information.

2) The warranty provider declares that in order to abide by the principles of personal data safety, a scanned copy of an invoice or any data contained in it that would contradict point 1 of these conditions shall not be published.

3) Extended warranty provider is Biomag Medical s.r.o., Průmyslová 1270, 506 01, Czech Republic. The address of the warranty provider (central business premises of the Biomag devices provider) is also the address where devices that require servicing shall be sent and extended warranty claimed. This applies unless provider and customer agree otherwise, i.e., on sending the device to a servicing facility through a local distributor.

4) Extended warranty is understood to mean free of charge servicing and replacement of faulty parts of devices and applicators which were not damaged by improper handling as stated in user guide and general warranty conditions applicable within standard warranty period (24 months since purchasing the device). Extended warranty does not cover the battery, which is generally considered a consumer commodity, and its durability is affected by how intensely it is used.

Within countries of the European Union, the customer pays for shipping to the servicing facility of the provider. Shipping the device back to the customer is paid by the warranty provider. Outside of the European Union, unless both sides agree otherwise, the provider may ask the customer to cover the cost of shipping back to the customer.

Length of the extended warranty by 12 months is added to the standard 24 months. Total warranty period lasts 36 months from purchase of the device. This date must be legibly disclosed on the photocopy of the invoice.

Extended warranty may be obtained only if the customer filled in and sent the form before the standard warranty period of 24 months since purchase has lapsed.

5) Along with the product, it is necessary to send a description of the malfunction and a copy of the email which confirms extended warranty. This email is received after sending this form and after we check all details provided.

This version of conditions is applicable from 16th August 2022

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